SQD, Ink.

A student-run community outreach program serving our at-risk neighbors


Our Message to the Community

Dear Family, Friends & Community:

We started as a group of students from Pepperdine University in Southern California. Our tight-knit community in Malibu, CA has been resilient over the past couple of years. From the Borderline Shooting to Woolsey Fire to COVID-19, our neighbors have always been an outlet of support to us. We have faced many hardships together as a community, and we see an opportunity to finally give back to those who need our help.

As much as Malibu is near & dear to our hearts, communities around the country are in need of young helping hands and we look to extend an arm. We have grown into many different states and have formed organizations at many different universities. All of our volunteers find purpose in serving their communities and we are proud to be of support to our neighbors who are at-risk.

Stay Healthy & Stay Responsible,

SQD, inc. Team